The manifestations of human mind

The manifestations of human mind

Vivek Jayaraman
20th Mar, 2022

There will be a thousand cars on the road, more than a few thousand people passing by, thousands of objects on their hands, different dresses, different styling, etc. How do we see only certain things and people among the many? Why do we remember only certain events and activities? Have you kept asking these questions or tried reasoning all the while in life? Do you think there is a theory behind these? Yes, there is. I call that the manifestations of our mind. 

People say that we need to close our eyes and keep wishing for what we want, and somehow magically, they appear before us. Is it even closely possible? There should be a Harry Potter within us just by wishing for things if we get one. Pseudosciences like NLP and the Law of attraction talk about the concept, and some people have stated that it even works for them. So, is it real? It is real but how it happens is still a mystery. The manifestations of the human mind are complex and attuned to our conscious decisions and choices. 

We do not have a solid answer for the thousands of questions nor an understanding. We need first to understand how certain things about the mind work. That way, it gets easier to know how things happen. I usually give the example of cars on the road. Assume that you were reading the review of a new model car that you wanted to buy. There are so many of them, but only a specific model keeps appearing in front of us. It doesn't mean that certain model cars are one too many in that day. It means that our mind is tuned to see what we want to see. 

Suppose you want to carry a whole pot of water without spilling it. In that case, you need to visualize reaching the destination with the pot full of water—the higher the visualization of going safe, the higher the chances of arriving safely. It does not mean that I am talking about negative thinking or positive thinking. It is all about imagining, dreaming, visualizing, perceiving, and envisaging what we want—thinking and focusing only on what we want. 

The Subconscious magic

I have detailed intuition a while back. Intuition plays a significant role in manifesting our wants. Imagine a constantly troubling problem, and you keep it running all the time at the back of your mind. Your subconscious will try the solution for the problem without you being consciously aware of it. Every permutation and combination you try, and the kind of people you speak to will be the gap analysis done by your subconscious. It continuously tries until it figures out how to solve it. People figure answers to complex problems in their dreams as the conscious mind rests. They also figure by continuously gazing at an object and getting lost. 

For the pressing things at hand, our subconscious figures out what we need. The people we meet, the objects that randomly fall in our line of sight, and so on are not entirely random. It all depends on what is getting manifested in our minds. Even if we tell people that we are destined to meet them, it is our mind helping us narrow searches for freeing ourselves from our problems or perhaps satisfying our needs. The guru appears when we want to learn, the coach shows up when we reach a plateau, and a mentor arrives when we seek guidance. It is the manifestation of our mind. 

The Manifestation

The dictionary meaning of manifestation is "an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical." There is one more as well, "the action or fact of showing something.". In our case, we will envision what we want, and our mind manifests by showing it. We all want things like starting a business, living with the love of our life, living debt-free, proving ourselves to those who said ill stuff about us, etc. All we have to do is focus clearly on what we want. How to achieve it or reach the objective will play out as and when we get more information. If we focus on how we want to achieve it rather than focusing on what we want, then the chances of getting what we want will be less. 

In his book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Joseph Murphy shares enough examples of how your subconscious mind works things out. Be it problem-solving, creating a future, life problems, eliminating mental blocks, attracting money, etc. There are cases of doctors certifying a person as physically unfit to walk again, miraculously walking again with grit. I know of a person myself who got fractured, and every day during his treatment, he visualized only the green pastures of the ground where he played football. He used to share with me that one day he will start playing like before. Once he was ready, he went and played every day though he wasn't a regular back. 

Even if you cannot change your actual life, keep making those changes inside your head. It's okay if you don't get up early, open the book to read, stop munching junk, workouts, or quit smoking or alcohol. But what you need is to imagine, visualize, and always think about things you want to do. These things manifest in your mind and start acting out in ways you can't realize. When you constantly keep thinking of your wants, you will find ways in your everyday life that would eventually lead to achieving those. 

These manifestations will be subconscious, and you will never be consciously aware until you do those actions. Sometimes, you will get surprised by how people volunteer to help you in your initiatives, lend a helping hand, and how suddenly things pan out. The best thing about these manifestations is that they will not be showing up in your consciousness. It stays a mystery because of this very reason. Manifestations also happen to be true for negative thoughts. Think of eating junk or getting bored every day, or the need to shut your eyes while reading something. It gets manifested as well in its ways. These things will make you unproductive. 

There are so many ways to get started with this. Let us see a few of them.

  1. Dreams
  2. Vision Board
  3. Journaling


"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." ― Edgar Allan Poe.

Sigmund Freud quotes that dreams represent a disguised fulfillment of a repressed wish. Late APJ Abdul Kalam said that "Dream, Dream Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts, And thoughts result in action." 

Dreaming is visualizing how things will look in your Utopia. While things always look better in your own Utopia, dreaming about them now and then will manifest something in your mind. These manifestations will, in turn, help you pursue your dreams. Consciously close your eyes and visualize how things should look in your dreams. Pay attention to every aspect of your goals, desires, and wants. 

We can make it happen by constantly dreaming about what we want to achieve. I can hear the criticisms clearly about how only dreaming will help. By keeping focused on the things we want, how to achieve them emerges naturally. It will only be a matter of time before we figure out how we progress toward our dreams. Keep your dreams on, for it is the window to what you want to achieve. Your dreams slowly manifest and will help you choose all the help you could get along the way. Be as creative as possible when it comes to visualizing. Start taking notes and keep checking whatever has manifested so far. If it's a small goal of your long-term vision, capture and create a mind map of where it is right now and how it will help you. 

Vision Board

It is a visual representation of your goals and wants. Rather than writing in a paper or diary, have a board for yourself, and start putting pictures of your goals. The board will be colorful and will capture the essence of what you want to be. Certain fundamental things will get you started with your vision board. 

  • Please make sure the board is in a place where you can see it consistently
  • Use images and visual representations
  • Add more inspirational and pushy statements that go well with you and your goal
  • Keep asking questions and uncover more answers in terms of your goal
  • Keep reflecting on your goals
  • These goals could be a career, spiritual, money, health, and so on
  • Be creative as much as you can
  • Do not settle until you have got the right image or the right word
  • Keep updating whenever you see fit.


Journaling is one of the important ways to reflect on your life. A diary, a notebook, a personalized journal, journaling applications, and so on could be suitable ways to capture your information. Journaling is not a one-time deal. You have to keep writing every day. That way, you can capture all that happened in your life daily. Pen down your thoughts and keep them flowing. Thoughts are like racing cars; it keeps coming as you keep the pen on the paper. Use creative writing skills, and if you haven't got that, learn them. Try to keep it private as much as possible because it helps you write down everything. It allows you to open up to yourself and provides a medium to share life events. Your emotions, thoughts, actions, and everything will be reflected in your journal. 

Organizing your thoughts and feelings every day helps you to fine-tune them. Journaling is one of the ways to keep track of your goals and your work toward them. Journaling helps in uncovering and reflecting on What works, what doesn't, what changes will you make, how will you make them, how far you have reached, etc.

Parting thoughts

By visualizing what you want, you will not be able to achieve it magically (although possible in some cases). One also needs to visualize the process of completing the goal as well. The plans and procedures will keep changing as and when you have more information about your goal but keep in mind that you need to work towards it constantly. Keep your dreams, have a vision board, and keep journaling daily. As you consistently and diligently work on your goals, the progress will be visible, and the manifestation process will grow more substantially. 

The Manifestations of the human mind will continue to grow stronger as you keep achieving what you want. As you keep working on new goals by constantly achieving the goals you have worked for, the mind gets more power. The moment you realize that your mind could do wonders without consciously noticing it, you turn a new leaf into figuring your life out for the better. 

This is just a speck of knowledge on your journey to becoming an expert in the industry. If you have any doubts or require career guidance, feel free to connect with our Industry experts and trainers for 1-on-1 coaching.

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