Bringing change – Training your Subconscious

Bringing change – Training your Subconscious

Vivek Jayaraman
1st Mar, 2019

Bringing change – Training your Subconscious

I hope you have read the previous blog about “It's all in your brain“. If you haven’t, read it before you continue reading this. Are you expecting a movie scene about sitting on a chair in a quiet room, closing your eyes, slowly traveling to get your subconscious mind, and being a mind controller? You need to stop watching movies as we are not going to do any of those.

We know now that the subconscious mind is the master with a wand that controls your habits. Your subconscious mind understands your regular routine. Anything you do against it requires so much effort and energy. Going out of the routine and changing something requires high energy and your subconscious is skeptical about it. That is why change is not possible without a need or a purpose. Purpose acts as a driving force in bringing change.

Are you someone who is looking to reduce weight, go to the gym regularly, or would like to jog every day but still end up snoozing your alarm? Then you need to rethink if that is what your need is. Most of the time, we end up doing something just because others do it. We might not want it but still want to do it for the sake of it. It is impossible to get yourself committed to that.

If the subconscious mind is responsible for the habits I have, how will I change a habit? If you are planning to start a tremendous change suddenly and drastically, then it might be difficult to implement. If you succeed in implementing it, you will not be able to sustain the change. That’s because your routine is different and your conscience is struggling to make sense of it. How to do it then? Start small. One good thing I have learned over the period is to switch to trivial things whenever you are going to perform something from your routine. I know it's still confusing and so I will explain with an example.

First, identify one habit which you want to change. Put that to the test and see if it's nagging you, driving you, not letting you sleep, etc. for changing that. It should drive you to get rid of it and you should be self-motivated. Else, you will be wasting time doing something which is not needed for you. Let’s take an example where you want to quit smoking. Instead of smoking, when you have the urge, what do you want to do?

Let’s say you want to walk to the pantry, fetch a bottle of water, walk and little around the cabin and come back to your seat. Start a small activity instead of regular habits. You may ask, what will I do at home? Choose what do you want to do when you have the same urge in-home and continue doing that. Slowly make that a routine and your subconscious makes a note of it. Piece of cake, isn’t it?

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