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Our Vision

Leanpitch’s vision is to spread the culture of Happily Delivering Happiness, a state of Agility where everybody in the organization (sponsors, customers and employees) believe in common set of values and happy with the pace at which they deliver valuable Products.

What does Leanpitch mean?

Everything that we do in life including software development can be pretty much treated like a game. A player should always focus on their game instead of worrying about pitch. If you consider software development as a game, the process, tools and infrastructure are the pitches. We would like to curate leaner pitches for Software Development organizations to play their Software Development games. Hence the name Leanpitch.

Who are we?

We call ourselves curators of software development pitches. We got into this business in Sep 2011 with a goal to empower our customers to achieve greater values in whatever they do through tactical lean strategies. We believe that every human being is born with Agile Mindset and we would like to bring them back to apply empirical approach in every problem they solve. We develop products and provide services for both product discovery and product delivery cycles of Software Product Development.

Sridhar Alagesan
Digital Marketing Executive
UI/UX Designer
Shashank Patel
Software Engineer
Ravi Kumar
Marketing Head
Hema Satisha
Chief Learning Officer
Beena Singh
Relationship Manager
Assumptha Divya
Relationship Manager
Parvez Aslam
Relationship Manager
Anusha Deekonda
Operations Manager
Deepak Swami
Sales Manager
Austin Vishal
Sales Analyst
Bagya Lakshmi
Chief Business Officer
Amol Mante
UI/UX Designer
Vignesh Chinnamadhu
Motion Graphics Designer
Pravat Ranjan
Chief Product Designer
Ishwar Bhat
Senior Software Engineer
Sanket Chandrakant Vyapari
Senior Software Engineer
Head of Engineering
Raghu Anand
Software Engineer
Udbhav Srivastava
Software Engineer
Vunnam Chaitanya
Software Engineer
Vamsidhar Reddy Eguvapalli
Senior Software Engineer
Harriet Vincent
Senior Software Engineer
Chief Products Officer
Apeksha Patel
Chief Operating Officer
Vivek Jayaraman
Customer Success Officer
Satisha Venkataramaiah
Chief Executive Officer
Content Writer
Ishwari Kadam
Relationship Manager

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