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It’s all in your brain

it’s all in your brain

It’s all in your brain

Vivek Jayaraman
1st Mar, 2019

Yes, you have read the title right. It is all definitely in your brain. All the things you do, all the things you did and all the things you will do is based on what is in your brain. It is quite difficult to understand at first the reason behind most of our actions. We do anything, and everything based on what we know and what we learn. But, how is our brain responsible for all the things? In a computer system, the processor, the memory and the Operation system is responsible for all those happening. Similarly, in a human body system, the brain is responsible for all the actions.

The human brain has two parts. The right side of that is responsible for your EQ (Emotional Quotient) and the left one is responsible for IQ (Intelligent Quotient). For better emotional and logical reasoning, both the sides of the brain should work together like pair programmers in action. If one of the sides dominate, the decisions or the outcomes will be based on the dominating side. Ever wondered about making bad decisions when you are too much emotional? That is because your emotional side took over and your logical side was clouded. I know you are thinking about the last time you took a wrong decision. It is perfectly okay because to err is human. We learn from it.

Your brain learns and keeps things stored in your memory. It gets updated based on your openness towards learning new things. There are three levels in your brain and they are conscious, subconscious and unconscious. Consciousness is the reality which you see, feel and hear now, at this very moment. Conscious mind is responsible for all the action which you do. While the conscious mind is responsible for the actions, it takes help from the subconscious mind. Subconscious stores all the recent memories and is responsible for your conscious actions. Unconscious stores all the information deleted and acts a master storage. It has all the information stored including the ones which you don’t remember. Subconscious can access information from the unconscious and can feed into conscious.

It’s important to understand that your subconscious mind is so powerful and is responsible for accessing information. Most of the mind change-related works are performed directly on the subconscious mind of the human brain. It is easy that way to access the information even from your unconscious and perform necessary actions.

How is this information going to help me? If you are too emotional, train your subconscious to be in sync with your logical part of the brain. Some people will easily move out of stress and depression because they can reason with the situation at hand. It helps you to understand the reality and be practical at situations. If you are too calculative or logical, you need to work your subconscious to understand that human beings are emotional and at times needs the touch of emotional understanding. How to train your subconscious? Wait for the next blog

About the author
Vivek Jayaraman

Vivek is a compassionate Coach, Mentalist, and Story Teller. He is an ICAgile Authorized Instructor, NLP Trainer, Agile, leadership & Wellness Coach, and a practicing psychotherapist with more than 16 years of experience. He currently works as a Customer Success Officer for Leanpitch Technologies & LeanGears LLC. Vivek has a knack to work closely with people and help them succeed. He shares that experience of working with people on all his training and uses them in his Coaching, Counselling, and Consulting assignments.

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