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Michael Ogundare
The course delivered for me, Satisha used real case studies and then applied tools that scrum master uses to facilitate decision making. The tutor shows that context, practices, novelty of product, and systems, all play a part in approaches a Scrum Master would take. When it comes to the role of a scrum master in a team, or an enterprise, I came out of the course better knowledge than when I went in.
Krishna Sripad
Krishna Sripad
As a practitioner with more than 20 years in the industry, 14 years in Agile, and 7 years as a coaching, consulting and occasionally training professional, my standards for trainings tend to be high. To add to it, I scheduled this fairly intensive session during a particularly hectic phase of professional deadlines, and therefore went in with some skepticism. To his credit, Vivek delivered a great workshop that went beyond my expectation, with a facilitative style that relied on conversation, reinforcement and infographics rather than the typical cookie-cutter slide deck. Audience engagement was also done well and getting everyone to participate in an online workshop was another very good skill. Bravo.
Mansoor Ali
I attended the CSM training online from Riyadh. It was a great experience with Leanpitch. Trainner apeksha has very good excellence in training. They have utilzed technologies well (zoom, mural as blackboard, dynamic presentation and for inetractive activities). it made sessions interesting, informative as in person learing.
Rahul Kushwaha
The whole team is very dedicated and would support in the best possible way. Getting the opportunity to be trained by Satish is an experience hard to describe in words. Go for a course and you will understand what I mean :)
Satisha had a thorough planned approach with a great insight about real-time scenarios. His honest outlook about the product management field and the explanation of product management concepts with brand examples gave a scintillating experience. The team work towards building the vision through finalizing the product backlog and MVP was fantastic as well. 5/5 stars any day !!!
Ms Apeksha who is an expert. The program was very well designed and kept us engaged 100%. We did several roleplays and the entire training program was scheduled as a Scrum delivery itself. This could be your best investment to your future!!
Attended Product owner workshop facilitated by Satisha. it was very well organised , techniques were explained very well and we applied the learning on case study . Examples were shared from real life product development experience. I personally learnt a great deal from this workshop.
Nikitha Muvva
I think the way the workshop was conducted was brilliant, not only because it was informative but because it dealt with real-life situations. They way Apeksha has explained scrum with practical examples has really helped me understand how to implement the knowledge in the corporate world. Thank you for this exciting and thought provoking workshop, it has truly left me motivated.
Tejus Subbanna
Satisha is a passionate teacher who employs visual techniques to teach the agile philosophy well. Rating him and his team 5 stars for a fantastic workshop and follow up process.
Attended Agile coaching facilitated by Vivek. An Interesting & fun filled learning sessions. The way training was organized & his coaching style will make you feel comfortable & understand at steady phase. At no point in time you would feel lost during the session & he is always there with tons of ideas/suggestions/responses for any kind of query that arise in you. He has a unique facilitation style & keeps the crowd engaged. Overall it’s a wonderful session & I would enroll myself for other sessions by Vivek without having second thoughts. Thank you Vivek! Kudos to you & LeanPitch team! :)
Harikaran S
I have attended ICP-ACC certification training from Vivek (Nov 2018 batch) and can highly recommend him as one of the best coaches (not only Agile, please note) I have ever seen. We have had the pleasure of taking points from him during the session. He is a driven, organized coach who develops inspiring relationships with fellow coaches. He has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, whoever has attended the session. He kept the session so much interactive and useful for all along. His ability to provide example or sample case study related to topic which makes him unique from rest. His ability to connect with attendees and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics (dissociation, SHU HA RI, Facilitation, Handling Dysfunctions, Role plays, etc.,) are truly superior and easy to understand. He made sure everyone listening to classes throughout the days and probing appropriate queries to make sure their understanding is correct. I completely admired the way he has presented these days and have started to implement the concepts learned in my currect organization. Once again, Thank you for your support for us Vivek!
The CSM course conducted by Apeksha Patel removed quite a few mental blocks. This course is as real as it gets I'm terms of a coaching methodology goes
Vivek is a knowledge ocean. You ask something and he is there to answer with a degree of authority which gives you enough satisfaction. His Agile coach session which I attended had 1. Well-Planned agenda for the scheduled 3 days 2.Well rounded coverage of topics - a gut feeling I had after seeing the agenda and it proved to be right in the end 3. The sessions were highly interactive and had a fun based learning. 4. There was also a surprise element - Which was "a day in an Agile coach' s life". This was about an Agile Coach would be doing his/her routine job. A person who actually did that role described the kind of work that he would get normally. This was awesome on Vivek's part as it gave an insight into how an Agile coach has to prepare himself/herself . The 3 days were so engrossing - Personally I did not realize that it was over . I felt whatever I spent for learning this Agile coaching was worth it and had complete satisfaction.
It was a nice training provided by Satisha on Scrum, as part of learning instead just theoretical thoughts, it was like demo in which all participant involved and performed which indeed helped a lot in understanding role of scrum master. I prefer to those who are interested in practicing Scrum, please choose Leanpitch as this is one of the best centers and best trainer to learn about Scrum. Thank you for providing such an experience in learning.
It has been a decade since we all sat for a theory session like this for continuous 2 days. But it was Sathisha who was the glue holding us all without losing focus even a minute. No boring PPT. No unwanted stufffs. Well organized and Planned. Much appreciated for the level that they have groomed themselves all the years.
Arun Kumar
Amazing talent the trainer is - Apeksha Patel. Her planning is pitch perfect and implementation compliments her planning. No PPTs, no point based lectures. Everyone will be driven to participate 100% in the workshop. There was not even a minute of boring situation in the workshop. Facilities, planning, implementation, are top notch. Definitely recommended. The Trainer has so much experience with which she anticipates 99.99% of our questions and thus answers them to the point. I can write few pages which will not be exaggeration.
The workshop conducted was very helpful in understanding concepts of agile, scrum and the roles in a scrum team. There were no boring presentations and all concepts were explained in an engaging manner through real world problems and situations. Thank you Apeksha for conducting the workshop through activities and scenarios that helped us understand things in a simple way. Also you have an amazing way of clearly putting forth your thoughts and solving our queries by asking a lot of questions and helping us get the answers through them.
Unlike training it was a Perfect experience! would recommend for motivated learners!!
Prashant shah
I have had the privilege to follow a scrum training by "Apeksha Patel" on 21st and 22nd April 2018. She has a great knowledge of scrum / agile development and an appealing way of getting the message across. The two day training was exciting from the first to the last minute. Easy to understand theory combined with good exercises and examples from "the real world" made ​​this training a success for me. I am already in the direction to implementing the scrum with my team.
Sameer Tangri
I attended the CSM Workshop organized by Leanpitch in Pune on 8-9 Dec 2018. It was an excellent experience, Despite it being a 2 day weekend 9-5 workshop, I did not feel sleepy, disinterested, or disengaged for a minute. The trainer did an excellent job of making sure I was attentive. This was done by enough practical exercises. What was also good was that all theoretical items was explained in a fashion wherein the core underlying concepts and principles were understood, and once that was done, it was very easy to remember things and pass the exam.
Adinath Bade
Thank you very much for delivering a wonderful training sessions at USV. We are very happy with your service, knowledge and professionalism. Our participants are very happy about the workshop which was more interactive and practical, all the concerns were addressed by you. Looking forward for future association. Keep it up.
Namrata Kadam
The training conducted with real life case studies and absence of theoretical material was very good.
Vijay Prabhu
Really good workshop for JIRA and recommended for all JIRA users. JP, Thank you very much for this workshop.
Pranjali Amte
The hands on use of JIRA software and live interaction, open forum
Manoj Kumar
It was a wonderful session . The trainer is an expert in the area and facilitated the learning in very effective way. The training room, material and support is good.
Ramesh M-K
Ramesh M-K
Very good course. Well structured and the Vivek led the course very well. For a course done virtually, it couldn't have been more interactive and engaging. Topics were given sufficient time and Vivek responded to all the doubts and clarifications patiently and with sense of purpose. I would surely recommend this for people aspiring to take up agile coaching as profession.
Vineet Pasari
Vineet Pasari
It was an big learning experiance.. the trainer i.e. Apeksha Patel was on the money, sharing valuable insight of the topic and managing the pace, making sure everyone participated , making learning fun and interactive. My first online training and hopefully not the last with the LeanPitch team... Bravo!!! 👍👍
Divya Bansal
I recently attend the agile coach training from Mr Vivek, it was 3 days workshop, which was online. Mr Vivek made sure that he conducted the workshop without making us feel that this is a remote training. I can say that he is an subject matter expert and has thorough knowledge of agile coaching. I really enjoyed the session and carried a lot of knowledge with me. Thanks Vivek!
Maulik Patel
Very practical and understandable workshop. And vast experience of Satisha helped to have industry knowledge and can easily relate to each topic of the course. Even though workshop is remote, never felt that way. Thank you so much Satisha and Leanpitch for providing smooth platform throughout the workshop.
Satisha is a trainer par excellence. His zen-like training methodology enables you to think creatively, cohesively, and collaboratively to accomplish tasks in the CSPO training in the right way. Highly recommended.
Santhanu Nair
Virtual class with active participation making sure that the two day course covered all the relevant topics of CSPO.
Rohit Kulkarni
Made the right choice choosing Leanpitch for my CSM workshop, absolutely amazing learning environment created by Apeksha. They made sure entire team is involved throughout and made sure all questions are answered to everyones satisfaction. Thank you so much for what you do, keep up the good work.
The CSPO session by Satisha was insightful, and interaction driven and explained with industry based examples which helped to drive home all the concepts. I would highly recommend the training especially from Satisha as I found his teaching methods quite innovative. Thank you for the wonderful session!
Dheeraj Prabhu
I would recommend Leanpitch Technologies for people who are interested in knowing about Agile/Scrum or are looking to get themselves certified. The learning approach is unique, practical and fun allowing you to pick up nuances and knowledge in easy way. You learn the theory by practicing it. I chose Leanpitch due to recommendations from several friends and colleagues. The courses are worth it and yes you have your values maximized
Kking Rapstar
I took a 2-day session with Satisha and it was a great, immersive experience wherein we learned about agile by using agile. Very smart approach to teaching! Holding the interest of dozens of individuals with different mindsets, sectors and experiences is not an easy task.
Vivek Jayaram agile coaching workshop was one of the most engaging and beneficial ones I’ve ever attended. I expected to be sleeping through the three days since I already hold multiple scrum certifications. But the workshop was fresh, interactive and fun. I learnt a number of new things particularly in the life coaching module that I’m excited to implement in my work and social circles. Thankyou Vivek!
Recently went through Agile Coach Workshop conducted by Leanpitch and Vivek happened to be the coach for the workshop. It was really an eye-opener for me which opened the doors in various aspects. Starting from facilitation, helping teams to arrive at solutions to their problems on their own, how to dissociate from the problem and look at it from third eye, coaching methodologies to look at a few. Coaching program was interactive and spread over 3 days with a lot of practical scenarios and role play out sessions. Vivek's extensive knowledge in coaching industry helped the participants in learning the nuances of coaching and i would recommend anyone who would like to pursue this. Thanks Vivek for all the guidance.
I had the opportunity to attend the 3 day workshop for Agile Coach conducted by Vivek. Vivek is a natural when it comes to being a coach. He had the entire class engrossed with his well-thought out approach. His workshop has to much to offer, and he is able to cater to different types of people in ways that are best fitted to them, while keeping the context relevant all the time. I look forward to more such wonderful workshops in the future. Thank you, Vivek!
I would suggest to attend CSPO course by Leanpitch. I am happy that I made decision to enroll in this course. Course is full of activity and lots of learning in it.
i happened to attend ICC Agile Coach Training conducted by Vivek. It was wonderful to attend his training. His approach was pretty simple. Explained the key essentials of coaching in a manner that was easy to understand. one key thing was he made sure the sessions were interactive. the leanpitch team didn't disappoint me... no ppts were used.. kudos to that ... His coaching skills are amazing. would recommend anyone to take up his training for Agile Coach. He is an amazing Trainer. Thank you vivek for the training. looking forward to more interactions as we grow up to become better coaches.
Interactive workshop and not boring PPT slides. The Trainer was excellent, the way Apeksha co-ordinated the workshop is really great. Takes good control of the class ( with students from diverse background) and never out of the topic.Lot of real time and simple examples.. like "Reaching to airport" . Learnt lots of things in those 2 days. Very Passinoate about coching on Scrum rather than just certification.
Manjunath A
It has been an excellent journey of exploring roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner. LeanPitch has done an excellent job right from planning to concluding the training by incorporating real world practical scenarios as part of hands on exercise in the curriculum. Overall I recommend every experienced professional to undergo this training, and I strongly recommend Leanpitch for this training.
Rakesh K Jha
Excellent program, strongly recommended for its valuable offerings. Course content, delivery method, knowledge of trainer, role plays, interactive sessions with real life relatable examples makes it a must attend program for aspiring individuals. Excellent work Satisha!
Thank you very much for organizing the webinar on Atlassian JIRA Software user training. It has helped me in gaining insight on application of Jira tool for Agile project management.
Sarah Beckers
Open conversations, Relaxing Atmosphere and Trainer was down to earth even in big discussions
Srishty Pachori
Explained Scrum knowledge in a very well and planned manner, not only theoretically but indulging into practical activities to learn Scrum
Sushil Kerketta
Relevant Topics covered which translated to good understanding of the subject matter amongst the participants
Samuel Pradeep
Ready to clear the doubts always before going to next topic, Friendly trainers and Ready to help after completing the training
Jitendra Kumar
It was an amazing learning experience. I learnt various new concepts during the workshop. It was a very practical and interacting session.

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