Why Technical Skills aren't required to become a Scrum Master!

Why Technical Skills aren't required to become a Scrum Master!

Avantika Nayak
8th Sep, 2022

5 Reasons Why Technical Skills aren't required to become a Scrum Master!

Should a Scrum master have technical skills? A serious matter of debate has been out there for a while. As per the Scrum Guide, there is no requirement for a Scrum Master to have technical skills and anyone from a non-technical background can become a Scrum Master. 

What exactly are technical skills?

​Technical skills, usually referred to as hard skills, are qualities acquired through indulging and becoming an expert at carrying out manual or digital tasks. Many technical talents have traditionally been employed by those in the fields of mathematics, computer science, mechanics, and information technology.

The following are examples of technical skills:

➤Programming languages

➤Common operating systems

➤Technical writing

➤Software proficiency

➤Data analysis

A Scrum master should be free from resolving technical problems and delivering technical services. They should focus on helping the team find communication and collaboration issues and tackle non-technical impediments which is much essential to improve the efficiency of the Scrum teams.

5 reasons why Technical skills aren’t required to be a Scrum Master. 

➤May act as a technical subject matter expert and try to handle services. 

➤May Force the team to adopt and use a particular technology

➤A core technical person can increase bias that stops them from being a facilitator

➤May guide the team on how to disintegrate stories into tasks

➤May influence the product owner on how to evaluate the work and try to handle the project that the team is working on

The primary role of a scrum Master is to assist the team to follow the process properly and the team is completely responsible for the enhancement of its technical practices. 

A scrum master need not necessarily know the domain details within which the team members are working. This is because everyone is responsible for their work such as the Product Owner is responsible for knowing what needs to be done. The development team is responsible for identifying how to execute it in a better way. The scrum master is responsible for enabling them to do it most effectively and productively.


What are the important Skills of a Scrum Master?

Responsibilities of Scrum Master include excellent communication and management skills responsible for the enhancement of technical skills rather than resolving them. Delivering services such as facilitator and change agent to help the team in finding communication and collaboration issues and tackling them. With their intelligence, the Scrum Master asks thought-provoking and direct questions which would resolve the barriers.

The role of a Scrum Master is diverse and challenging. Scrum Master with the right skill set can help the team in becoming extremely productive. It’s not the technical skills that make a good scrum master, however, there are other necessary skills. 

The following are the must-have skill for a successful Scrum Master.


➤Change Agent 

➤Conflict resolutions

➤Lean Thinker

➤A tight grip on Agile

➤Helps team create effective processes and practices


Certified Scrum Master need not necessarily have a technical background but having technical knowledge is an added advantage. Even if you don't have technical skills or experience you need to have a little knowledge to talk the same language as the development team.

The Scrum Master should also be aware of the products' working procedures and familiar with the basic ideas behind software development. The most essential skills of the scrum master are to guide the product owner and the team on the scrum practices and help the team in increasing productivity. It does not entail anything about technology and coding skills.

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This is just a speck of knowledge on your journey to becoming an expert in the industry. If you have any doubts or require career guidance, feel free to connect with our Industry experts and trainers for 1-on-1 coaching.

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