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What does Scrum Master do?

what does scrum master do?

What does Scrum Master do?

Satisha Venkataramaiah
4th Mar, 2020

The ScrumMaster maximizes the effectiveness of the Scrum Team. The Scrum Master is a servant leader, coach, facilitator, Agility Thinker, Agilist, mentor and teacher. 

The Scrum Master wears so many hats depending on the situation, people, and the need. The Scrum Master provides his/her service to the team, PO, and the organization. Let's go through each of them.


Coaching, Teaching, and Mentoring are the services provided by the Scrum Master. Service, as such, is serving and should not be considered otherwise. 


Scrum Master Focus Area


Scrum Master's Service to the Development Team

Being cross-functional and self-organized are some of the qualities of the Development Team. Through teaching, mentoring, and coaching, the Scrum Master helps the team to be self-organized. 

To participate in a scrum event and run it efficiently, one must understand Scrum and the purpose of those events. Scrum Master ensures the team members understand the notion of Scrum and help the team with the required coaching.

The team seeks the help of a Scrum Master in eliminating the dysfunctions, getting awareness about prevailing mental models within, and creating visibility to the big picture.


Scrum Master's Service to the Product Owner

Product Owner needs help in understanding Scrum and Agility. While they are good at doing Product Management, they need some initial help with understanding Product Backlog, Product Backlog Items, prioritizing backlog to maximize value, techniques to order product backlog items, and much more. 


Product Backlog is one single source of the requirement for the product. A Product Owner might not be using Product Backlog before moving on to Scrum. The Scrum Master helps the product owner understand the Product Backlog and the Product Backlog Items. 

Based on various factors, including market demands, the Product Owner keeps the Product Backlog items prioritized in an order that maximizes the value. The Scrum Master helps the Product Owner with some tools and techniques for managing the Product Backlog and optimize. 


Ensuring Product Owner understands Scrum Framework is a responsibility of the Scrum Master. Once the Product Owner understands the Scrum framework, it will help in collaboration with the team on the PBIs, planning, and refinement activities. 


Scrum Master's Service to the Organization

Scrum Master helps the organization adopt Scrum by assisting them in understanding the purpose and the need for change. Scrum Master is an agent of change and called a Change Agent. As a Change Agent, the Scrum Master helps organizations in adopting the change they wanted to. 

Implementing Scrum framework within the organization by teaching and mentoring teams. Helping Stakeholders understand the need for constant inspect & adapt and requesting them to share feedback on Sprint Review. 

Steadily and relentlessly working with the teams to help them become self-organized and thereby increasing Organizational efficiency.  


Scrum Master also works with other Scrum Masters in the organization and coach them to get better themselves and thereby helping their Scrum Teams as well. 

About the author
Satisha Venkataramaiah

Satisha is a Founder and CEO of leanGears and Leanpitch. He is a passionate product owner who spends most of his time building products for Startups and Product Managers. He loves solving problems that make life of every living being on this earth easy. He strongly believes in collaborating with customers to build simple and valuable products rather than building sophisticated fancy products. He has built products such as leanGears and StartupPlanner. Based on his experience and learnings, he has authored two books: Creating the culture of Happily Delivering Happiness and Who is Product Owner.

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