How Leanpitch can help you to earn SEUs?

How Leanpitch can help you to earn SEUs?

Amit Singh
8th Apr, 2019

How to earn Scrum Educational Units (SEU)?

Every Scrum Alliance certificate needs to be renewed. The first question is why?

The certificates are not college degrees where you would have spent years learning and mastering the knowledge. The entry-level professional certificate indicates that you have knowledge. The knowledge corrodes if we don’t apply it. There are two ways to retain knowledge:

  1. Apply the knowledge and move from enthusiast to practitioner. For example, if you have gained Certified Scrum Master (CSM), then you can move to Advanced Certified Scrum Master (ACSM) after a year and then to  Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master (CSP-SM) after gaining two years of experience.

  2. If you don’t get the opportunity to practice, then you can keep learning and keep up with the growing trends. In this case, you are expected to show that you have been learning. Many professional certifications like PMP, and Prince 2 Practitioner certificates expect you to renew to show that you have been learning.

So a professional certificate that doesn’t expire may be a marketing gimmick.

Now, how does the Scrum Alliance validate your learning? Scrum Alliance expects you to gain something called Scrum Education Units. At this point, the following basic questions pop up in our minds -

1- What is Scrum Educational Unit (SEU®)?

2-  How many SEU® do I need to renew my certificate?

3- How to earn Scrum Educational Unit (SEU®)?

4- How your Training provider can help you to earn SEU® (How Leanpitch can help you to earn SEU®)?

Here I would like to answer each of the above questions -  

1- What is Scrum Educational Unit(SEU®)?

A Scrum Education Unit® (SEU®) is a credit earned by completing an educational training or learning opportunity that meets a defined set of learning objectives.

You get 1 SEU for every hour that you spend on learning about Scrum or any other Agile framework.

2- How many SEU® do I need to renew my certificate?

This is one of the most important and often asked questions that - how many SEUs do I need to renew my certificate. And it depends on which certificate you want to renew.  

Please refer below table to get to know how much SEUs you need to renew your certificate:-

The following SEU requirements went into effect on February 4, 2019

Certification (Two-Year Term)

SEUs Required

Fee Per Term

Foundational: CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD®

20 SEUs


Advanced: A-CSM-SM or A-CSPO-SM

30 SEUs


Professional: CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP®

60 SEUs


Data Source:- Scrum Alliance Website

If you have multiple certifications you need to calculate your required SEUs.

Check out the SEUs Calculator.

3- How to earn Scrum Educational Unit (SEU®)?

How to earn SEUs is the next question after you know how many SEUs you need to renew your existing certificate. You get 1 SEU for every hour that you spend on learning about Scrum or beyond.

As per Scrum Alliance, there are 6 major categories to earn SEUs. Please refer to the categories mentioned below:-

Category A: Scrum Alliance Scrum Gatherings

Up to 45 SEUs can be earned at a rate of one credit per hour of participation in

SEU Guidelines:

  • Presenting, coaching, and attending sessions all count as SEU-eligible activities.

  • Additionally, because Scrum Alliance recognizes the value of impromptu ("hallway") discussions at Scrum Gatherings, SEUs are earned at the same rate for these. A maximum of eight SEUs may be earned per day.

  • Please verify past Scrum Alliance-affiliated events Here

  • Please verify Scrum Alliance-endorsed user groups Here

When submitting SEUs, your options for Category A are:

  1. Attended a Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering®

  2. Attended a Scrum Alliance Regional Scrum Gathering®

  3. Attended Scrum Alliance user group activity

  4. Attended Scrum Alliance-sponsored event

  5. Attended Scrum Coaching Retreat

  6. Attended Scrum Alliance CSP retreat

  7. Attended Scrum Alliance pre- or post-event workshop

How can Leanpitch help in gaining SEUs under Category A?

Leanpitch has been conducting meetups under the PlayScrum banner, a Scrum Alliance User Group since 2013. We conduct meetups every month in 7 cities across India.

Group Name

Registration Link

Meetups Conducted So far


Register Here



Register Here



Register Here



Register Here



Register Here


PlayScrum-Vadodara & Ahmedabad

Register Here



Register Here


Bengaluru Startups

Register Here


Chennai Startups

Register Here


Startup Gears Chennai

Register Here


Startup Gears Pune

Register Here


Startup Gears

Register Here


ProductTank Chennai

Register Here


Product Thinking Bengaluru

Register Here


Note - PlayScrum Meetup data till FEB 2019, Data Source &

The meetups generally are conducted on Saturdays from 6 pm to 8 pm. So you will earn 3 SEUs.
Category B: Scrum Alliance Courses or Coaching

There’s no limit to the number of SEUs you can submit in this category by working with Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs), Coaches (CTCs and CECs) and Registered Education Providers (REPs). However, a minimum of 14 SEUs is required in this category for CSP certification. Allowable SEUs in this category include working with Scrum Alliance CSTs, Coaches, and REPs. A full day of training is equal to a maximum of eight (8) SEUs. You can earn SEUs by:

  • Achieving your CSM, CSPO, and/or CSD certification(s). We expect to see at least one of these certifications in Category B, and the certification must be current. CSM, CSPO, or CSD certification training is accepted, even when training is more than three years old. All other SEUs need to have been earned within the past three years.

  • Attending training courses provided by a CST. Training by CSTs may include webinars, recorded training, and face-to-face courses (e.g. CAL I, A-CSM, A-CSPO, etc.).

  • Attending training courses provided by a Scrum Alliance REP®. Please note that the course and trainer must be listed on the Scrum Alliance website. Validate via the Course Search page.

  • Through one-on-one or small group coaching provided by a CEC. Members need not to submit SEUs after each coaching session but may list them all at the time of submission.

Verify CSTs, Coaches, and REPs through the Member Directory on the Scrum Alliance website here.

When submitting SEUs, your options for Category B are:

  1. Received CSM training

  2. Received CSPO training

  3. Received CSD training

  4. Received training from a CST (including video training)

  5. Received training from a Scrum Alliance REP® (only approved courses and trainers)

  6. Received coaching by a CEC

How can Leanpitch help in gaining SEUs under Category B?

Leanpitch offers all Scrum Alliance courses across India as well as a few cities in the USA and South East Asia.

By attending the Scrum Alliance course you can earn unlimited SEUs and Leanpitch helps you to achieve your goal. Leanpitch is a Registered Education Provider(REP) of the Scrum Alliance and offers various courses and certifications.

Please refer to the below table of Scrum Alliances courses & certifications offered by Leanpitch:-

Scrum Alliance courses

No. of SEUs

Certified Scrum Master(CSM)

16 SEUs

Advance - Certified Scrum Master(A-CSM)

16 SEUs

Certified Scrum Product Owner(CSPO)

16 SEUs

Advance - Certified Scrum Product Owner(A-CSPO)

16 SEUs

Certified Scrum Developer(CSD)

24 SEUs

Category C: Outside Events

Up to 15 SEUs may be earned by participating in other relevant events not sponsored by Scrum Alliance, such as Agile conferences, regional interest group meetings, training from someone who is not a CST, or a REP course that is not approved for Category B. Activities in Category C are attended face-to-face, and you are receiving rather than providing services. SEUs are earned at a rate of one credit per hour of active participation.

When submitting SEUs, your options for Category C are:

  1. Received face-to-face training outside of Scrum Alliance

  2. Attended live Scrum/Agile events outside of Scrum Alliance

  3. Attended user group events outside of Scrum Alliance

  4. Received coaching or mentoring outside of Scrum Alliance

How can Leanpitch help in gaining SEUs under Category C?

Leanpitch offers courses in Product Management, coaching, and courses from IC Agile and Lean Kanban University.

Agile & Scrum Training Offered By Leanpitch:-

ICAgile Certified Courses:-

  • IC-Agile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching(ICP-ACC)

  • IC-Agile Certified Professional - Agile Testing ( ICP-TST)

ICAgile Courses

No. Of SEUs

Certified Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)

24 SEUs

Certified Agile Testing (ICP-TST)

16 SEUs

Kanban certifications by Lean-Kanban University (LKU):-

  • Team Kanban Practitioner - TKP

  • Kanban System Design - KSD

  • Kanban Management Professional - KMP

ICAgile Courses

No. Of SEUs

Team Kanban Practitioner - TKP

7 SEUs

Kanban System Design - KSD

16 SEUs

Kanban Management Professional - KMP

16 SEUs

Category D: Volunteer Service

Up to 15 SEUs may be earned by providing non-compensated, professional Scrum services. Scrum Alliance is looking for ways that you give back to the community. You will be asked to affirm that you were not compensated for your volunteer work and that is was not for your employer. Please provide all information requested on the application form.

How can Leanpitch help in gaining SEUs under Category D?

Leanpitch supports continuous learning and the application of that learning for Social Impact. We run an initiative called Social Scrum to solve social issues using Scrum. You can learn more about Social Scrum and join projects here.

Category E: Independent Learning

Up to 15 SEUs may be earned through various independent learning activities, such as preparing (but not delivering) presentations; authoring relevant books, articles, or blogs; watching a training video; reading one or two books in depth and then fully describing their benefit to you as a Scrum practitioner. Please follow a 1:1 ratio for this category. One invested hour is equivalent to one SEU.

When submitting SEUs, your options for Category E are:

  1. Prepared a Scrum presentation (preparation time only, not delivering)

  2. Authored a book, article, or blog

  3. Watched a Scrum/Agile training video by an instructor other than a Scrum Alliance CST (List one per entry box)

  4. Read a Scrum/Agile book (List only one book per entry box. Multiple books in a single entry box will not be considered)

  5. Other independent learning (We invite instances of creative learning that do not fit into other categories)

How can Leanpitch help in gaining SEUs under Category E?

Leanpitch has its own video channel with videos on a variety of topics ranging from Scrum, Organizational design, Coaching, Product Management, etc. You can find videos here.

Category F: Other Collaborative Learning

Up to 15 SEUs may be earned through a variety of other collaborative learning activities engaged with other Scrum practitioners. Scrum Alliance acknowledges that not all learning fits neatly into the categories above. Therefore, an example of an additional way to earn SEUs includes spending time as a co-trainer alongside a more experienced trainer, with the objective of learning. Another example is participating in a live webinar led by an instructor. Please follow a 1:1 ratio for this category. One invested hour is equivalent to one SEU. This category may not include submissions that belong in Categories B or C. For example, it is not for face-to-face training or events.

Please review options under Category C before submitting SEUs.

When submitting SEUs, your options for Category F are:

  1. Co-trained with the objective of learning

  2. Received training via live webinar delivered by any trainer other than a CST

  3. Other collaborative learning, including "facilitated" open space or facilitated face-to-face learning. Add details that explain why this is a valuable collaborative learning activity for you.

With 11+ years of experience in the field, Leanpitch has successfully upskilled 90,000+ people across 12+ countries. Explore our website, Our trainers are internationally acclaimed for their insightful and experiential training.

We upskill and boost your career by providing a wide range of courses such as CSPO, CSM, ICP-ACC, etc. visit our website to learn more about all the courses we offer.

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