Social Scrum

Social Scrum is an initiative from PlayScrum community powered by our sponsors Leanpitch.

The purpose of Social Scrum is to find answers for tough questions using the power of self-organization. There are around 200 people who get certified as Certified ScrumMasters in a month in Bangalore alone every month. However, most of them don’t get to deliver valuable products using Scrum because of lack of opportunities. Many of them even walk out of CSM workshops with a belief that it won’t work for them. Some of them want to practice Scrum but

Don’t have opportunity to hone their skills as their Organization doesn’t use Scrum for delivery
Don’t know how to produce shippable increment of Product every Sprint because they have legacy code (mainframe), work on embedded systems, data warehousing, R&D or something like that.

Here is the outline of the idea behind Social Scrum initiative:

  1. Form self-organizing teams of volunteers who are willing to explore the solutions for tough questions
  2. Train them on methods, tools and techniques required to solve the problem that they are picking up. Let’s say if they pickup a problem of how to produce valuable Product increment at end of every Sprint using TDD/BDD/CI/CD etc., we train them on how to get started. Leanpitch will sponsor the trainings.
  3. Apply these techniques on a project that helps the Social Cause or products with legacy code at workplace.
  4. The team will report their findings to the PlayScrum community at the monthly meetups.
  5. Once the team has answers, they get to showcase their work to the community at PlayScrum annual conferences or other conferences.
  6. They also get the certificate like Certified Scrum Developer sponsored by Leanpitch.

Are you the one who wants to explore those tough questions in the unexplored world of agile and showcase your work? Do you have at least 8 hours a week to contribute to the initiative? Please register to be part of the initiative.

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