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What is NLP?

what is nlp?

What is NLP?

Vivek Jayaraman
25th Feb, 2019

What is NLP?

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), is a communication model used for personal development, coaching, and psychotherapy.

NLP explains that there is a strong connection between the neurological process which is the brain activity (Neuro), our way of communication using language (Linguistic) and our behavior based on our own experiences (Programming). 

If one understands these, they can easily overcome the barriers they have and can achieve amazing results they are hoping for.

By tapping into the inner resources, everyone can do wonders by eliminating all the obstacles that stop them from excelling. Some of the common obstacles are anxiety, procrastination, habits, limiting beliefs, etc. that are related to your mind and thinking.


Neuro or Neurology refers to the mind or the brain. Brain/Mind is responsible for controlling the body and thereby controlling the actions and behaviors. NLP helps you to be self-aware of your conscious actions and choices you take. Once you are self-aware of the choices you make, you can bring changes to your behaviors and actions.


It is the study of language. And language is the base for communication. Language helps us in accessing what goes on inside our mind. NLP helps in accessing our unconscious mind which remains inaccessible for us.


Everything that we do consciously like the actions, behaviors, etc. are based on what we have in our mind. It could be our habitual patterns, our beliefs, feelings, needs and so on. NLP helps in programming our mind through language patterns to make changes from how we were to how we will be.


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What can I achieve through learning NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps you unleash your inner potential by helping you to tap into your inner resources. One’s beliefs, habits, inner voices etc. act as obstacles which stop people from moving on to achieve what they want.

All the blockers are associated with your mind. Through NLP, one can focus on what they want, how they want to achieve it and what can they do about it. NLP also helps you to understand the law of attraction. NLP methodologies can help people help themselves and by helping themselves, they can help others too.

NLP techniques can help you create a powerful self. It helps you to transform yourself through a wide variety of tools that it provides. Some of the below things can be achieved through NLP.

  • Overcome anxiety
  • Delete a timeline from your life
  • Change your persistent habits
  • Create new goals and achieve them
  • How to use communication effectively
  • How to visualize your future

NLP in Coaching

NLP helps you understand and answer questions which is very important in terms of uncovering yourself. It provides an understanding of the mental and logical process behind one’s behavior.

It stresses the empowering beliefs and presuppositions of human beings and how they are. NLP helps in self-discovery, self-identity, and purpose. It also helps you connect with your spiritual self.

Neuro Linguistic Programming provides tools, models, principles, presuppositions and a huge understanding of mind, body, and soul, that can bring change and help people in getting what they aspire for in life to reach further and beyond. 

It helps in improving life choices and thereby helping people in having a quality personal and professional life.

About the author
Vivek Jayaraman

Vivek is a compassionate Coach, Mentalist, and Story Teller. He is an ICAgile Authorized Instructor, NLP Trainer, Agile, leadership & Wellness Coach, and a practicing psychotherapist with more than 16 years of experience. He currently works as a Customer Success Officer for Leanpitch Technologies & LeanGears LLC. Vivek has a knack to work closely with people and help them succeed. He shares that experience of working with people on all his training and uses them in his Coaching, Counselling, and Consulting assignments.

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