Talk Agility with Vivek – 11-Sep-2018

Talk Agility with Vivek – 11-Sep-2018

Vivek Jayaraman
15th Feb, 2019

How testing should be done within the sprint to avoid spillovers?

The majority of the time, Development teams are unable to complete PBIs because of pending testing activities. If you move to Scrum and still follow traditional testing practices, it doesn’t add value but pulls agility down. Chances are that there will be water falling inside the sprint because of traditional development practices of handovers.

Testers waste time in creating and validating test cases than the product. One way to reduce that is to start using Specification by Example where the Development team and Product Owner together come up with examples for PBIs and the features will be built only with those examples.

It eliminates the possibility of bugs and errors in business functions. Also, testers can start automating when programmers start coding and thereby reducing the possibility of handovers.

Scrum Master is expected to share retro with management?

Management would like to know what is happening with the team very often.  It’s very normal behavior for the management to understand how the team is improving sprint by sprint.

The Scrum Master can share the outcome of the retrospective with the management. Management needs to know who told what but what has been identified as a collective improvement by the team can be shared.

What Scrum Master can do other than service team and PO?

Scrum Master is not only required to service and coach the Team & PO. Scrum Master should focus on serving the organization in loads of things. It’s a common misunderstanding that people think Scrum Master focus should lie on only PO and Team.

Scrum Master helps organizations in adopting & implementing Scrum, changing processes, structures & policies, guiding other scrum masters & teams, and so on. Scrum Master is a change agent who is responsible for guiding organizations and helping them change.

Who can cancel a sprint?

There are three roles in Scrum. Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Scrum Team. There is only one role that can cancel a sprint. It’s the product owner who is the owner of the product. A product Owner can even cancel an entire product and is a great decision-maker.  

How do you measure individual performance in a team?

Teamwork is hard to measure. Considering this as the primary reason and misunderstanding about rewards & recognition, Organization still considers recognition for individual performance. When the team is young and highly dysfunctional, individual performance can only lead to disaster (however safely done).

It is wise to reward them as a team and it encourages more teamwork. One should understand that teamwork is directly tied up to business performance. If the team is highly functional and self-organized, they themselves will let the management know about the best performer within the team.

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