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Sprint Review

sprint review

Sprint Review

Vivek Jayaraman
10th Apr, 2020

A Product Owner reviews and provides feedback for the “done” product increments as and when Development Team completes them. The Product Owner is part of the Scrum Team and is available to review and provide feedback. The Scrum Team needs to demonstrate the product increment and get feedback from the stakeholders. They need to collaborate with the Stakeholders in every Sprint to get their input and feedback to understand more of their expectations.

The Sprint Review is a formal opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect the increment and adapt the changes to the Product Backlog accordingly. Proposed changes and feedback go into the Product Backlog.


Who attends the Sprint Review?


The Sprint Review is an informal meeting and not a status meeting or reporting. Attendees include the Scrum Team and the key stakeholders invited by the Product Owner. Stakeholders could be shareholders, investors, potential buyers, beta customers, etc. The Scrum Team and the stakeholders collaborate during the Sprint review and adapt the Product Backlog based on the inspection of the Product Increment.


What is the duration of the Sprint Review?


The Sprint Review usually happens towards the end of the Sprint. The Sprint Review is a timeboxed event just like other events in Scrum. For a one-month Sprint, the Sprint Review is timeboxed for four hours. It will be held for one hour for a one-week Sprint, two hours for a two-week Sprint, and three hours for a three-week Sprint. For shorter Sprints, the Sprint Review will usually be shorter.


What happens in the Sprint Review?


The Product Owner gives a brief overview of

  • What the Sprint Goal was?
  • What were the PBIs planned?
  • How many PBIs are “Done”?
  • How much is not “Done”?
  • Projection of the target delivery date based on the progress.

The Development Team

  • Gives a demonstration of the “Done” product increment
  • Answers any questions pertaining to the increment
  • Discusses what went well during the Sprint
  • What are the problems they ran into during the Sprint?
  • How the problems were addressed?

The Scrum Team and the Stakeholders collaborate on

  • Timeline, budget, and potential capabilities
  • The capability of the product as it stands
  • What provides more value if completed during the upcoming Sprints?
  • Changes to the marketplace with respect to the product
  • What to do next which brings more business value?

These are the things that the Scrum Team and the Stakeholders discuss during the Sprint Review event. The Sprint Review serves as a good pointer to have a valuable discussion and get good feedback from the stakeholders. This helps the Scrum Team to inspect their work and adapt the Product Backlog accordingly. If there is a need to course correct from what they are building so far, Sprint Review helps them to do that.


The Development Team also gets a good understanding of the needs of the Stakeholders and market dynamics. The expectations from the stakeholders help them to view the Product Increment from a different angle. Things related to the definition of done can also be updated based on discussions and expectations. The Sprint Review also serves as a viable input for the upcoming Sprint Planning. The outcome of this event is a revised Product Backlog and a probable Product Backlog Items for the upcoming Sprint. The Product Backlog is tweaked with the help of the learning from the collaboration with the Scrum Team and the Stakeholders.


To summarize, the Sprint Review helps the Scrum team to

  • Understand the expectations of the Stakeholders.
  • An opportunity to adapt the Product Backlog based on the inspection along with the Stakeholders.
  • More is learned that helps the Development Team to build a sellable Product Increment.
  • Understand the progress with respect to the release
  • A viable input to the upcoming Sprint Planning
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