​​How to Prepare for the CSM Certification Exam?

​​How to Prepare for the CSM Certification Exam?

Avantika Nayak
4th Jul, 2023

​​How to Prepare for the CSM Certification Exam

A Journey to Success: Tips to Prepare for the CSM Certification Exam

56% of global companies use Scrum for its effectiveness. However, the figure rises to an astonishing 83% if we take into account the Hybrid Methodologies that also incorporate Scrum. Major players like Google, Apple, Facebook, and others are included in this.

Hence, becoming a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) is a significant achievement in any Product related industry. Through CSM your knowledge and abilities are validated, and doors to fascinating career possibilities are also opened. In this blog, we uncover the essential steps and valuable insights on how to successfully prepare for the CSM Certification Exam.

We also have a very important Bonus tip at the end, Keep reading😄

#1: Understand the Scrum Master Certification journey

Imagine yourself entering the world of agile methodologies with the ambition to earn a Scrum Master certification. Understanding the journey to CSM certification and its impact on your professional development is the first chapter of your journey.

To obtain a CSM Certification, you must first complete a 16-hour CSM Workshop. Course attendance is mandatory to earn the CSM certification. Once you complete the training you are eligible to take the CSM exam.

Wondering where to find the best workshop to assist you to pass your exam? 

You're in the right place. Our trainers with 20+ years of industry experience will help you pass your exams without a hitch. We pride ourselves in our 100% certification guarantee* as all our workshops use interactive case studies & role plays for a deeper understanding of complex topics.

Know more about our course objectives:

#2: Setting your study plan in position

You can begin the exam preparation once your 16 hours of training are complete. The CSM Certification Exam preparation process necessitates a well-organized study schedule. Spend your time wisely by establishing reasonable objectives for each study session. You can maximize your learning and be well-prepared for the exam by using a systematic approach.

#3: Adopting real-world experience

Although theoretical understanding is essential, working on Agile projects in the real world will greatly advance your Scrum master certification efforts. Participate actively in Agile communities, go to Scrum events, and look for chances to use your abilities in practical situations. Having practical experience improves your understanding and boosts your confidence, positioning you for exam success and beyond.

#4: Scrum Master certification exam success strategies

Consider these winning techniques as you get ready for the certification exam. Learn about the exam's structure, question categories, and time limits. Pay close attention to the areas that are given more importance, such as Agile principles, Scrum roles, and Scrum events. 

To make sure you have enough time for each question in the exam, practice time management. Select the best-fitting answer based on your understanding of Scrum after eliminating any incorrect answer choices. By mastering these essential topics, you will be able to face the exam with confidence and demonstrate your skills.

Seems like a lot of work? 

We’ve got you. Along with our internationally acclaimed workshop, we also provide excellent post-workshop support which includes 100+ free resources, case studies, projects, and mock tests drafted especially for the CSM Exams. All for FREE! 

Know more: Certified Scrum Master Certification

#5: Overcoming obstacles and celebrating success

A common hurdle faced by CSM aspirants is managing exam anxiety, dealing with complex questions, and providing practical solutions to overcome them. To become accustomed to the format and to improve your problem-solving abilities, practice solving exam-style questions or enroll in mock exams. 

You are now exam ready!

Finally, congratulate yourself on finishing the process, achieving your CSM certification, and joining the League of Agile Professionals.

Bonus Tip 

Candidates will have 1 hour to complete the 50 multiple-choice questions on the CSM exam that are based on CSM Learning Objectives. The Passing percentage is 74%. The test cannot be paused, but questions can be saved to be answered later during the 60-minute time limit. 

The CSM exam is offered in the following languages: English, Spanish (Castilian), Portuguese, French, Italian, Latin American Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Czech, Polish, and Russian.

You will have 90 days after receiving the welcome email from Scrum Alliance along with the account activation link to complete the CSM test for free. Additionally, students are permitted 2 free attempts to pass the CSM exam. You will be required to pay a $25 USD test attempt fee if you fail the test twice or finish it after 90 days.

But Don’t worry we got you covered on that as well, CSM workshops by Leanpitch equip you with the tools and mindset needed to conquer any exam obstacles. Our experiential learning approach and numerous case studies in our workshop help participants to easily solve complex problems. We've already upskilled over 30,000 people to be successful Scrum Masters throughout the world; now it's your turn

Know more about CSM Workshop by Leanpitch: CSM Certification

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Remember, earning the title of a Certified Scrum Master requires more than simply passing an exam. It also requires adopting an Agile mindset and applying Scrum's core concepts to your professional activities. So, with the proper preparation, commitment, and enthusiasm for upskilling, start your own CSM certification journey. Success is entirely yours!

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