Lean Enterprise Agile Framework LEAF

Lean Enterprise Agile Framework LEAF

Satisha Venkataramaiah
1st Mar, 2019

Lean Enterprise Agile Framework LEAF

Lean Enterprise Agile Framework is a systems thinking tool for helping Organizational agility. A leaf is a conversation starter that helps Organizations find constraints that are limiting their potential to scale the deliverables. The core of leaf is an empirical process to design lean enterprises through kaizen culture.

Leaf is based on 4 pillars

  • Systems Thinking
  • Engineering Practices
  • Community of Practices
  • Continuous Collaboration.

According to the Theory of Constraints, organizations are prevented from achieving more of their goal because of one or more constraints. The theory puts forth a process, the five focusing steps, for breaking the constraint. Breaking the constraint means continuously improving the system such that the current constraint is protected or improved such that it is no longer a constraint. Then you should repeat the process for the next constraint. The leaf is one such framework that helps organizations continuously evolve in order to deliver valuable products.

Satisha presented it during PlayScrum-Meet 2015 in Chennai and recorded a video available. If you like it and wanted us to present it within your organization then write to us on scrum@leanpitch.com.

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