3 things to take care of your emotional well-being

3 things to take care of your emotional well-being

Vivek Jayaraman
9th Jan, 2020

3 things to take care of your emotional well-being

Emotional well-being oneself is like taking care of your automobile, your electronic gadgets, or the things you care about and you don't want to lose performance. We continually up-skill and manage ourselves in terms of the professional side but mostly fail when it comes to managing our emotions. However skilled we all are, if we do not work on our emotions, we certainly will fail. Let us see what we can do to manage ourselves better.

1- Take up a sport

Intrinsic motivation is the best form of motivation. You do not need anyone to motivate you, but you do it for the sheer pleasure of doing it. Things that you do and do not get rewarded for are the things that help you understand the intrinsic motivation.

Eight hours of the workday can drain only your mind if you are a knowledge worker. That is why many knowledge workers are insomniacs. They may feel tired, but they aren't. They spend so much time on TV, Netflix, and movies to end their day late, and it is a vicious cycle. You may ask how a sport can help. 

Getting physically tired can help you with a good night's sleep, and that is not all. Taking up a game can help you with getting better. You meet better people who are getting better, who are newbies, and who are experts. Indirectly it enables you to build a sportive mindset in life. You will push yourself to get better in everything you do, and it's a progressive mindset. 

2- Start believing in miracles

Faith in God is the belief the majority of people have. Prayers are the best form of getting things done. Faith in God is the best metaphor for hope. We trust in God or the higher form or the almighty to help us when we are in dire need. Things do happen, but can we explain?

It's a tricky one. You may ask what a miracle is. Not all things that happen in your life are explainable and not needed as well. You cannot explain the presence of God, the cosmos, and even your existence. 

It is because it is. No stranger walks in and helps when you are in dire need just because of a logical explanation. You do not meet people by accident. There is a reason for anything and everything that you do and everything that happens in your life. But it cannot be explained. It would be best if you believed it. 

"I will get cured.", "I will succeed for sure.", "I will win.", "I will solve my problems and come out of it for sure.", "I will keep myself fit and eat clean." If you do not believe that you can do it, then it will not happen. Whatever it may be. Believe. If you do not believe in yourself, who else is going to believe?

3- Leave it behind

I always use driving as a metaphor when you have to look forward in life. You cannot see backward when you have to move forward. Note the things that are always putting you down, emotionally. 

It could be the mistakes that happened, cheating or backstabbing by family/friends, failures in life, or it could be anything. The thing which reminds these ranges from an object, a song, a place, or even could be the house you stay in.

Delete that song, burn that object, and move away from the place that bothers you. You need to look forward and believe in things that you want in life. If there are things that keep reminding past that put you down, then leave them behind. Drive forward. 

These are not the only things, but these can help you get started in the new year to achieve a better you. Start working on these three and push yourself from who you are to whom you want to be. 

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