A well-crafted plan

A well-crafted plan

Vivek Jayaraman
1st Mar, 2019

A well-crafted plan

How much ever you try and struggle, there won’t be an outcome called a well-crafted plan. You can say you have one to satisfy your ego because there are no unicorns but deformed horses. There is only a plan and you can watch it change right after you created them. If that is the case, why should I even create one? A very good question, “why plan?”. One needs to understand what a plan is before coming up with one.

A plan is nothing but a detailed list of steps toward achieving something. It is debatable, and I understand that. But, that’s the definition, so let’s move on. Just like how we create algorithms and flow charts for a piece of program that solves something, we create plans to achieve something. 

If the plan is as simple as walking from a grocery store to home, it will not change. But, if the grocery store is in another part of the town, it might be slightly. What if the grocery is in another city or another state? 

One can accept that there is no need for a plan to walk to a grocery store that is across the street. Not always everything works according to plan and it is perfect.

Why not skip planning? If, where you want to go or what you want is not obvious, you need a plan of action. I said there is nothing called a well-crafted plan then why plan? My plan is to get you confused and understand the topic. I know I am on track. Let me give you an example. 

Every year-end, me and my friends go on a road trip to places where we haven’t been before. That’s our idea for the year-end vacation. I love backpacking and so I usually come up with a plan in the form of an itinerary. 

Everyone agreed, and we planned for a 3-day trip. We reached the spot, and the plan was to stay there for the next 2 days. Except for me, everyone got bored within a day and wanted to see places nearby. As the owner of the plan, I got irritated with the changes my friends came up with. I started cribbing and annoying my friends. 

Somehow, it hit me that I preach Agility, but I am stuck with the plan. It is totally against my belief system but that’s the reality. When things are not going according to the so-called plan we created, we get frustrated. The idea of the year-end vacation is to enjoy the company of each other but not to stick to an itinerary. We enjoyed the rest of the days seeing new places and having fun.

The initial plan was to get everyone on board and travel to places as decided. But, it all changed as per the purpose we had. Always keep the destination(target) in mind, as there are different routes to get you there. 

Plans help you to get started but don’t get stuck to plans. A well-crafted plan? Well, you can create one after you have reached your destination. It will look well-crafted, isn’t it? 

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