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Satisha Venkataramaiah

Satisha Venkataramaiah

Satisha is a passionate Product Owner who spends most of his time building Products for Startups and Product Managers. He shares his experience of working 4 days week in his CSM, CSPO and Product Management workshops.

20+ Years of Experience

Satisha has worked in various roles but mostly focused on Product Management and Product development.

 Satisha started his career in 1999 with CMC Limited and worked as a Systems Developer for about 5 years working on multiple Government projects in SCADA, MIS.

  Satisha worked as an Application Developer working closely with Retiral benefitsProcessing team for about year.

 Satisha worked in various customer facing  roles from Systems Analyst to Six Sigma Black Belt for about 5 years building applications for Warranty Management Group.

Satisha worked as Organizational Design Coach and then later moved onto Product Owner role building products in HPC space in his 5 year stint at Altair Engineering.

    Satisha started Leanpitch in 2011 as Systems Integration company which has transformed itself into Agile Solutions company over 8 years. Satisha works as a CEO, Trainer, Coach and Consultant at Leanpitch.

 Satisha started leanGears in 2017 to build products for Product Management space. He works there as a Strategist, CEO and Product Owner.

Over 580+ Trainings Conducted

   Satisha has facilitated around 450 CSM workshops  all over the world in 15 cities 

    Satisha has facilitated around 120 CSPO workshops all over the world in 8 cities

   Satisha has conducted 100+ product management workshops on various topics like Product Strategy, User research, Product Roadmap development, Product Pricing etc. 

Books Written

 This book explains the journey of a company becoming Agile end to end using framework-agnostic approach. The concepts such as leading organizational change, discovering product needs and delivering high quality products end to end using short stories and sample artifacts. Download book here.