Certified Scrum Master Certification Tokyo- Japan

Certified Scrum Master Certification Tokyo - Japan workshop offered by Leanpitch is great starting point for aspiring Scrum Masters. The industry is moving towards continuous delivery and Scrum Master Certification Tokyo - Japan Training helps you in learning how to help Organisations achieve that.

Certified Scrum Master Certification Tokyo workshop prepares participants to become better Systems Coaches fo help Organisations adopt Scrum in a systematic way. It’s also necessary that a Scrum Master uses a pragmatic approach to address the dysfunctions in the team as a Relationship Coach.

Certified Scrum Master Certification Tokyo-Japan course by Leanpitch is designed as an experiential workshop to help participants immerse themselves as part of smaller Scrum teams and learn by doing it.

Certified Scrum Master CertificationTokyo - Japan course is followed by weekly mentoring sessions by our Coach every Tuesday to hand hold you on your day to day issues.

ScrumMaster is a Systems Coach, who coaches the people in the context of a System. ScrumMaster needs to have skills beyond Scrum in order to do a better job as a team coach.

The Certified Scrum Master Certification Tokyo-Japan is designed to help the participants get started as a Scrum Master. It’s a workshop with activities and exercises where the participants get the live experience of being a Scrum Master from the day they are hired.

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By attending Certified Scrum Master Certification Tokyo - Japan you get:

  • How to teach leadership and teams Agile philosophy?
  • How to identify the systemic changes required for adopting Scrum?
  • How to facilitate systemic changes?
  • What’s the role of Scrum Master in helping Product Owners?
  • What’s the role of Scrum Master in coaching developers?
  • What are the 4 main focus areas of a Scrum Master and how does it change over a period of time?
  • How to build career as a ScrumMaster?

CSM Training Tokyo - Japan


Why do Organizations need ScrumMasters?

The emergence of technology like AI, marching leading and cloud computing, the shorter time to market has assumed greater importance.

The organizations can afford to evolve their products according to market needs only when their team have the agility to do so. The agility of teams depends on team structures, the processes, practices and policies.

One needs to understand the intricacies of the system and the interdependencies of the various teams that make up the system and design a process to help them succeed.

A Scrum Master is a Systems Coach who can help organizations adopt Scrum systematically.

Although Scrum is adopted at the team level, the teams don’t succeed if the system doesn’t support it. Organizations hire Scrum Masters fo work with different parts of the organization, create a shared need for change and help them transform.

CSM Training Tokyo - Japan


The most important skills required for a Scrum Master are ?

  • Systems Thinking to be able to help team and PO make better decisions keeping in mind all possible consequences both in long term and short term.
  • Facilitation to help Scrum team improve their processes, structures and practices to continuously learn and improve.
  • Process Design to be able to understand the organizations need for Scrum and accordingly design structures and processes to support scrum adoption and achieve organizational goal.
  • Coaching, to coach Scrum team to work together well by addressing any dysfunctions in the team.

Overall Scrum Master needs to have Systems design and Systems Thinking skills to help teams transform from current state to an improved state using Scrum as a vehicle.


Average Salary Of ScrumMaster?

Our goal is to help you get started with the Scrum Master’s role. So post Certified Scrum Master Certification Training in Tokyo-Japan, you can continue the learning:

By engaging one of our coaches for a week for FREE to hand hold you at your work place.