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Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1) Quiz

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM-1) certification is one of the most popular Scrum certifications in the industry. Scrum is the most popular software development frameworks and Scrum Master is one of the top paid professions. 

One of the ways to acquire knowledge to become a Scrum Master is PSM-1 certification. Passing PSM-1 certification test requires the candidates to acquire knowledge on Scrum Master focus areas such as coaching, mentoring, facilitation along with knowledge of  Scrum framework and Agile manifesto. 

PSM-1 mock test by Leanpitch helps you prepare well for the PSM-1 exam by helping you validate your knowledge in these areas. 

Leanpitch’s PSM-1 mock test is an easy and cost-effective way to start for those who want to successfully clear Professional Scrum Master certification.


PSM 1 Practice Test

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PSM 1 Online Quiz

  • 1 Full-Length Mock Exams (+3 Mock Exams Coming Soon)
  • 500+ unique questions
  • Objective-Based Practice Tests (Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True False)
  • 24/7 experts support
  • Unlimited Access

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Why Choose Us?

Practice Questions

Our questions bank has 300+ questions which are totally unique and helps in clearing Professional Scrum Master certification.

FREE Online Course

16+ hours of Videos for the PSM 1 certification exam objectives. You will be amazed by the way of explaining the concepts that are very easy to understand.

Experts Support

Our pool of practicing Scrum Masters and Coaches will help you clarify all your doubts. You will receive professional assistance from our Agile & Scrum experts who can guide you in getting your questions cleared.


Listen to what our participants have to say about the PSM 1 mock tests.

Question Bank Coverage

PSM 1 Practice Tests are designed to help people who want to pass the actual PSM 1 certification exam. It simulates the real exam scenario and provides confidence to pass the PSM 1 certification exam. The questions are created in accordance with the learning objectives provided by Each question is carefully prepared so the person taking the tests can self-evaluate themselves up. The questions are unique and are not repeated in other practice tests.




PSM I mock test is helpful to prepare for the PSM I exam?

Yes, PSM I quiz questions are set in such a way that it will help ease your PSM I tests. Taking the mock-up tests is the easiest way to pass the exam.

Do I have to install any software to take the PSM 1 mock test, or is it online?

The tests can be taken online, completely and there is no need for installing any additional software. You can complete the tests on the browser itself.

Are all types of questions covered in the PSM-1 mock test?

Yes, questions related to all focus areas for PSM I is covered as part of the mock-up tests. A great scrum master can come from any background. A professional who is interested to build a career in Scrum as a Scrum Master is eligible for this certification. Programmer or Tester Build & release engineer Technical Writer Team Lead or Project Lead Project Manager Delivery Manager Account Manager

Can I see a sample of the PSM-1 mock test questions?

Yes, you can use our free demo to have a look at sample questions. Instead of Buy Now, you can click on Try Demo to get a sample.

Are the PSM 1 exam questions in the PSM mock test is the same as those in the actual exam?

No, the tests will be similar but it won’t be exactly the same.

How many times should I take the PSM mock test to be sure I’m prepared?

Once you pass the mock-up tests you are ready to take up the exam.

Will I see repeated questions in the PSM 1 mock test?

No, there won’t be any repeated questions. Questions are chosen based on Focus areas of Scrum Master and every question are properly aligned.

Is reading the Scrum Guide sufficient preparation for Professional Scrum Master PSM 1 exam?

Apart from reading Scrum Guide, you can also watch LeanPitch Videos related to Scrum and Scrum Master to have a better understanding.

What are the PSM 1 Practice Tests?

PSM-1 Practice tests are designed to help the participants to self-validate and self-evaluate their knowledge on Scrum and Scrum Master. Buying the tests and continuously attempting to clear them provides confidence to be better prepared for the actual exam.

Who created the PSM I Practice Tests?

The minds behind these practice tests are people who are CST, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC), AKT, Six Sigma black belt, SPC, CTI-CPCC, ORSC, ICF-ACC certified and are practicing coaches who help Organization with Agile Transformation. They are not just trainers but practitioners who work five days a week. Their average experience is over 15 years.

Can I claim SEUs or PDUs for using this?

For the preparation work, like reading books/blogs, watching videos, etc. you can claim SEUs or PDUs. For taking the tests, you will not be able to claim SEUs or PDUs.

Do you offer coaching/training to learners?

Leanpitch conducts workshops on Scrum and attending the training helps you with taking PSM-I exam. Leanpitch also has e-learning courses and videos on Scrum which also helps in taking up the exam.

Can I use my tablet or phone to take the exams?

Yes, you can use phones, tablets, PC or Laptop to take up the tests.

Can I buy the exam voucher for the actual PSM I exam from you?

No, Leanpitch cannot help with the exam voucher and only the mock-up tests can be purchased.

Do you also have an eLearning course for the Professional Scrum Master(PSM) exam?

Yes, the eLearning course for PSM-I is in progress. You can find a sample course on your dashboard to explore and understand.

Can I see a sample of the PSM eLearning course?

Yes, you can check it out on the Dashboard. The Agile basics course is free and available for all.

Can I take the PSM Quiz multiple times?

Yes, you can take the PSM quiz multiple times.

Can I review the results of my previous PSM mock test attempts?

Yes, you can view the results of the last three attempts.

Do you have Online Quizzes for PSM-II, PSPO, SPS, PSD, or PSK, CSM, A-CSM exams?

Yes, we have online tests for CSM, CSPO, PSM-I, PSM-II, PSPO-I, and PSPO-II

Professional Scrum Master PSM I Certification FAQs

Who should take Professional Scrum Master(PSM I) Certification?

The Professional Scrum Master I certification will be useful for anyone who is looking to become certified as a Scrum Master. Anybody who is willing to learn about the roles and responsibilities of Scrum Master can take the PSM I certification. It is not necessary that only people from certain roles can become Scrum Masters. A great scrum master can come from any background. A professional who is interested to build a career in Scrum as a Scrum Master is eligible for this certification.

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