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Product Management Consulting

Product Management Consulting


A Product is not the end goal for users rather, it’s a means to do certain activities in real life to fulfill their needs. A Valuable Product is one that helps the end users do those activities easily and willingly. Every Product intends to change the behavior of the end user in one or the other way.


The Product requirements just don’t come from end users. Moreover, the end user can only help you understand their problems in current way of doing things. One needs to observe what they do, listen to their problems, empathize with them and identify their needs. 

The buyers and sponsors of the product, of course want more returns on investment. A development team can make use of their technical skills to solve the user problems efficiently. The Product Discovery process is working with all these people to uncover Product Features and the value that they bring. 

This framework helps in identifying the end user’s behaviors to be changed to support vision and Product Features to support the change.


  • A product manager is someone who has a responsibility to customers (current and future) to release a product that meets and exceeds their needs – even if they are not fully aware of their needs.
  • Financial responsibility to the company that the product will meet revenue and margin goals.
  • Responsibility to my development team to define a feature set that, if they can deliver it, will meet the first two objectives.


Product EnvisioningAlign all the stakeholders to a common goalPO and StakeholdersProblem/Need StatementVision StatementProduct Box, Elevator Pitch, News Paper Ad, TV ad etc.
Collaborative (Product) CharteringIdentify the ecosystem for the product to be successfulPO and StakeholdersVision StatementHigh Level DeliverablesImpact Mapping, Product Canvas
User ResearchValidate the assumptions about user needsPO and End UsersSelected Actors and Deliverables from Impact MapUser StoriesUser Experience Mapping, Interviews, Persona Building
User Story MappingMap User needs to product features and prioritize the needsPO, Stakeholders and Domain ExpertsUser StoriesProduct Roadmap based on User NeedsKano Model, MUSCOW, Story Splitting technique, User Story Map etc.
Story PamperingAdd details and keep the Product Backlog Ready for DevelopmentPO, Stakeholders and Development TeamProduct BacklogPrioritized Product Backlog ready for DevelopmentWireframes, Planning Poker, Classes of Service, Business Value Estimation Game, Voting etc.


Leanpitch offers the Product Management consulting to help Product Owners, Product Managers and Business Analysts to adopt leanGears Framework. 

 The consulting includes 4 levels:

Training3 DaysTrain the team on leanGears framework
Immersion3-6 Delivery Cycles (Sprints or Short releases)Work as part of the team to observe and handhold the team in adopting framework and customize as needed.
Guidance2-3 Delivery CyclesReview the work done by the team and provide feedback [1 day in Sprint]
SupportAs neededHelp the team in solving difficulties adopting the framework as and when needed.

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