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Leveraging Power of AI with Microsoft Azure

Harsh Pathak

Harsh Pathak

Training completed on
25th Aug 2021

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The course is intended for someone who has a keen interest in machine learning and AI. It will focus on the basics to form the base followed by a couple of live examples and will make the audience understand ways to leverage AI at the current organization. This will provide a good platform for someone to kick off the AI journey from basics since it will give answers to questions like what is AI, where to start, what is needed etc.


What is AI?

  • Introduction to AI and its levels
  • How AI works?
  • Types of AI

Knowing AI better

  • Where AI is used?
  • Why it is booming now?
  • What are the prerequisites of AI?

AI Ecosystem and Applications

  • Knowing Components
  • AI Application in business
  • AI Application in everyday life

Technical Requirements

  • Must have skills
  • Where to begin?
  • Using the cloud to leverage the power of AI
  • AI for new & existing business

Integrating AI

  • Tips & Tricks to implement AI





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