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Persuade Using Storytelling

Vivek Jayaraman

Vivek Jayaraman

Training completed on
08th Jul 2020

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Storytelling predates writing. Storytelling is used as a means by which to precipitate psychological and social change. Humans are storytelling organisms that both individually and socially, lead storied lives. Together a storyteller and listener can seek best practices and invent new solutions.

Storytelling is used in different professions like Marketing, Sales, Business, Teaching, Therapy, Public Speaking, and whatnot. This short course will introduce you to the world of storytelling and how to persuade others to get the results.


What are Stories?

Stories are narratives of an incident which could be real or fictitious. Stories are emotions and are usually close to us depending on the impact it could make. Stories are basically everywhere. According to researchers, Humans in all cultures come to cast their own identity in some sort of narrative form. We are natural storytellers.

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Why do we need Stories?

Stories are postcards which carry messages, morals, hidden contexts, and whatnot. Stories are the best way to convey a message without letting the other person know. Stories are both powerful and persuasive in terms of conveying the message. 

Five-part Dramatic Structure

The Dramatic structure was used in fourth-century playwriting by Roman poets and playwriters. Every story has a beginning and an end, how it is structured actually conveys the message in the right way. This five-part structure can be applied to short stories, novels, and movies as well. 

Hero’s Journey

There are four main stages of the Hero’s journey. If you can match whatever story you are telling, for whatever purpose, to these three stages, your story, however long or short, will have much more of an impact. 


Coming up with the story is one while narrating is totally another ball game. How one conveys the story makes an even greater impact. Take an example of any great orator who conveys simple stories to make their point. How effective it is?

Storytelling Applicability

Storytelling is an art and can be applied to Coaching, Sales, Business, and other areas accordingly to get the expected results. Let us discuss the type of stories and their applicability to different professions.





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