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Kanban Basics

Haricharan Vijayaraghavan

Haricharan Vijayaraghavan

Training completed on
21st Oct 2020

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What is this Kanban ? Why is it getting popular ? Isn’t it supposed to be a concept from manufacturing ? Isn’t Kanban for support projects ? This short course will introduce you to the world of Kanban, its principles and practices and when to use Kanban.


At the end of the course, the attendee would be able to :

  • Speak confidently about Kanban and its principles.
  • Six General Principles of Kanban
  • Change management principles of Kanban
  • Bust Kanban Myths such as
  • Kanban is for Service Teams
  • Kanban is an “All or Zero” approach. etc
  • Balancing Demand and Capability
  • Some techniques to balance demand (incoming requests / features)
  • Some techniques to balance capability (what can be delivered)
  • When to use Kanban
  • When not to use Kanban
  • Kanban Maturity Mode
  • How to measure where does an organization/team stand in their Kanban journey
  • Kanban University and the certification journey



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