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Building Organizational Culture in a fully remote future

Chithra Ramachandran

Chithra Ramachandran

Training completed on
23rd Jun 2021

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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Peter Drucker’s famous quote. This is so true as culture is the secret sauce that keeps teams and team members happy and motivated, keeping Clients happy. As we try to decipher culture, two things need to be nailed down: the cultural content and the values around that make the world a better place for the future to live in.

 Several case studies analyzed on Culture have come to highlight that cultures are learned patterns of beliefs, values, assumptions, and behavioral norms that manifest themselves at different levels of observability. This course will help learners appreciate the creators of culture, macro cultures, and the key part of leaders in transmitting and transforming culture changes.

Culture typologies allow us to “scale” our processing of new information by allowing us to place observations of individual or group behaviors into patterns that constitute the whole culture model. Let us explore the below questions in this crash course.

  • What are some issues, when we design surveys to measure culture?
  • What can we focus on while doing culture assessments?
  • How do we build a sustainable model to thrive today and in a fully remote world?


Key Takeaways

  • Who defines the structure of Culture?
  • What are macro cultures?
  • How Leaders have a key role in transmitting culture?
  • How to do culture assessments?
  • How to manage and sustain culture change in a fully remote world?





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