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Design Thinking

This workshop offers an intensive hands-on workshop where participants get to learn a number of strategies and techniques they can use to adopt the design thinking framework for building a product or a solution - whether it is for their current project at their job or a new product they may develop.

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What is Design Thinking

Companies like Apple, Virgin, Toyota and others innovate continuously because of their culture of Design Thinking. Design Thinking is an approach which helps us to uncover the unmet needs of the users. It helps us to better understand the target users and build a solution which they love using. This approach helps us to validate few of the assumptions we might have while discovering the solutions for the problem.

Who provides this certificate?

Design Thinking is a workshop offered by Leanpitch Technologies Private Limited. Leanpitch provides people with education, educational resources and mentoring for implementing the learning.

Who is Leanpitch®

Leanpitch call themselves as curators of software development pitches. They got into this business in Sep 2011 with a goal to empower customers to achieve greater values in whatever they do through tactical lean strategies. They believe that every human being is born with Agile Mindset and they would like to bring them back to apply empirical approach in every problem they solve. They develop products and provide services for both product discovery and product delivery cycles of Software Product Development.

What does Leanpitch mean?

Everything that we do in life including software development can be pretty much treated like a game. A player should always focus on their game instead of worrying about pitch. If you consider software development as a game, the process, tools and infrastructure are the pitches. We would like to curate leaner pitches for Software Development organizations to play their Software Development games. Hence the name Leanpitch.

What is the eligibility to take this Certification?

There is no requirement on years of experience to attend this workshop. It is for people who are part of team which work towards achieving a common goal.

What is the validity of this Certificate?

This certification has life time validity and need not be renewed.