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Scrum Master Tales: Episode 1

Ashutosh Gupta

Scrum Master, EXL

Ashutosh is a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach with 12+ years of work experience in product development and maintenance, along with international work experience. He has 8+ years of experience in Agile-Scrum methodology and Agile transformation. Over a decade, he has developed expertise in Product Development and Management, SDLC, Scrum-Kanban Methodologies, and Agile Transformation. He helps organizations, teams, and individuals in Agile Transformation to maximize their individual and collective abilities.

As he follows agility in his personal growth, he likes to help individuals in their respective journey whoever is an aspiring career in Agile Transformation or want to have some clarity around it. He can talk through their challenges and opportunities in Agile Transformation and, help them to achieve their goals. He has good experience and knowledge as a scrum master and agile coach, which can be shared with mentees to uncover their interests and full potential.

How did you get started as SM?

How do you keep learning as a Scrum Master ?

How do you coach your Product Owner?

How do you coach the System (stakeholders, management)?

How do you coach team?

How do you evolve as a Scrum Master?

What challenges did you face as a Scrum Master?

What's your advice for aspiring Scrum Masters?

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