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Scrum Essentials
Scrum Essentials
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Scrum Essentials is an eLearning program that enables you to build a strong base for Scrum as described in Scrum Guide. 

This program is your first step for all the Knowledge you need to get started with Scrum. 

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Scrum Overview
63 Mins

Understand what is Agile, Scrum and where they are applicable and why?

Agility is all about evolving quickly to build useful products to fulfil customer needs. Scrum is one such empirical framework that helps you build the complex products at sustainable pace. In this module, we will understand, what agility actually means and how Scrum is an Empirical framework that cab be used for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products.

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Scrum Roles
30 Mins

Understand the three roles prescribed by Scrum

There are three aspects of product development - The Business, The Solution and The System. We need people expert on each of these to work together to build successful products. Scrum Identifies three roles, one for each of the aspects. In this module we will deep dive into what each role entails.

3 Topics

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Scrum Events
31 Mins

Learn to facilitate Scrum events

Learn about the events, the purpose, participants and importance. Deep dive into patterns, anti-patterns and learn to handle possible situations

  • Sprint Overview, Cancelling a Sprint, Dealing with Scope change during Sprints
  • Sprint Planning and patterns for facilitating Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum and various ways to facilitate Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review and patterns for facilitating Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective and effective ways to facilitate Retrospectives
  • Dealing with impediments, dependencies and risks

4 Topics

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Scrum Artifacts
7 Mins

Understand the Artifacts in Scrum, their importance and how they help in empiricism

Learn what goes in Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog, how they evolve and various techniques to generate these artifacts. Explore how these get turned into Product Increment and it's characteristics

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Scrum Values
6 Mins

Learn to live Scrum Values

Scrum Values enable empiricism, self-organization and a great deal of team work. Learn the meaning of these values and how to demonstrate them.

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Patterns & Anti-Patterns
10 Mins

Understand what's right and what's not

Explore various ways of living the spirit of Scrum. Learn what patterns are useful and which patters impact empiricism.

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