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User Story Essentials
User Story Essentials
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A Product makes an impact on a user's life. If you don't understand the user's story, your product may not become part of their story. People love stories. Stories are instrumental in making communication, fun, and useful.  

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User Basics
20 Mins

Learn to create user personas and uncovering users in various contexts

The customer is not a King but another human being. Understanding the context in which they live is essential to build a product that adds value to their life. Learn to understand user personas in B2B, B2C, or when you build a platform. You will learn:

  • Who is a user?
  • Building User Personas 
  • Differentiating User vs Buyer 
  • Building Buyer Personas 
  • User in a B2C vs B2B vs Platform

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User Needs
20 Mins

Learn to identify and differentiate user needs as functional, social, emotional, and economic needs.

Users not only use the product to get their job done but also as a status at times and connect emotionally with them. Learn techniques to identify various user needs in multiple contexts. You will learn

  • What are user needs?
  • Types of user needs
  • Techniques to uncover user needs 
  • Translating needs into a feature 

4 Topics

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What’s a Story?
20 Mins

Learn the anatomy of a User Story.

People love stories. A story has to have a motive, pain, heroes, villains, and a climax. Learn to use stories to have meaningful conversations and build useful features. You'll learn:

  • Why stories?
  • Components of a Story
  • Telling a story 
  • Conceptual story 
  • Impact story 
  • Experience story 

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Impact mapping
20 Mins

Learn to generate user stories using Impact Mapping.

Users make a Product's vision a reality, not the Product. Understand what activities the users will perform to make the vision a reality and how your Product can enable them. You'll learn:

  • Uncovering purpose 
  • Exploring actors
  • Identifying impacts
  • Discovering pains
  • Brainstorming features 

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Job Mapping
20 Mins

Learn to understand user jobs, pains, and turn them into stories.

User's use the Product to get their job done. Learning about the structure of their jobs and how they do it today will help you in uncovering the user's needs. Learn to use Job Mapping for achieving customer-driven innovation. You'll learn:

  • Anatomy of a job 
  • Constructing a Customer profile 
  • Mapping a user job
  • Identifying pains and Gains 
  • Creating a value proposition 
  • Generating job stories 

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Experience Mapping
20 Mins

Learn to understand customer journey and experience and turn them into a story.

When you understand the user's experience of doing their job today, you can spot an opportunity to add value to their life. Learn to uncover user experience through User Experience Mapping. You'll learn:

  • Components of a user journey 
  • Mapping experiences 
  • Generating experience stories 
  • Creating a value hypothesis

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