Agile Software Testing

Agile Software Testing Agile Testing Quadrants Software Testing is still a grey area for so many people when it comes to Agile Software Development. Successful frameworks like Scrum advocates that development team is a cross-functional agile team and not just comprises only developers. Agile Testing concepts help testers to do software testing better and efficient

Coaching Conversation

Coaching Conversation   Below is the sample coaching conversation between Rachna, a working professional and her coach. Rachna is suffering from attention disorder and couldn’t focus more on her work. She needs coaching so that she can overcome her problem. Rachna: I have problem in focusing on my everyday work. I can’t get my work

What is Agile Testing

What is Agile Testing? Increase in test case count every sprint, waiting for developers to complete the task to start testing, unable to achieve the benefits of automation and the results are likely that it’s time to switch to Agile Testing. Many of us have the same question in mind about “What is Agile Testing?”.
Lean Enterprise Agile Framework LEAF
Lean Enterprise Agile Framework is a systems thinking tool for helping Organizational agility. Leaf is a conversation starter that helps Organizations find constraints that are limiting their potential to scale the deliverables. The core of leaf is an empirical process to design lean enterprises through kaizen culture. Leaf is based on 4 pillars Systems Thinking
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