TDD misconceptions

Test first approach is a widely misunderstood concept in the industry. Did people understood agile and scrum well? If yes, then it’s not difficult to convince them that TDD is great for them. So do you see where the actual root of the problem lies. There is nothing wrong if I say Agile/Scrum misunderstood than

Usage of JIRA is not painful

JIRA is an Atlassian tool. JIRA was basically designed to be used as a bug tracking tool. But, with the advent of plugins built around JIRA tool, JIRA can be used as a Project Management Tool. I work for an Agile Solutions company called Leanpitch as an Atlassian tools expert. As part of my consulting

Why Agile Coaching

Who is an Agile?   Agile Coach is a nominalization word which is a combination of different skills and knowledge which is most often misunderstood. When Organizations hire Agile Coaches to help them achieve their vision, they hire a change agent to help them change and not just a framework expert who comes and implements
How to become a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®) – The Journey of a CST® “I just heard you became a CST. How do you feel?”  “Since when have you been working towards it?” “How many recommendations did you have?” “How many co-trainings did you do?” “How was the interview with the TAC? Was it scary,

Mindset Agile

Mindset Agile   One cannot work on Agile, if he/she does not have a right mindset. Mindset is about the thoughts which provoke in our mind, leads to action and defines our characteristics. Do we have right mindset in our personal or professional life? Do we need to bring some changes to improvise further? Attitude:- 

Meta Model for Coaching

Meta Model for Coaching Meta model is a linguistic tool which was developed in 1975 by the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The Meta Model formalized developments into a richly defined set of linguistic patterns that can either facilitate change or create obstacles in a person’s mental maps of himself and the world. They are