It’s all in your brain

It’s all in your brain   Yes, you have read the title right. Its all definitely in your brain. All the things you do, all the things you did and all the things you will do is based on what is in your brain. It is quite difficult to understand at first the reason behind


Kanban Origins Kanban is a popular Agile framework used by software development and support teams. Kanban originated almost three forth of a century, back in time. During late 1940s, Toyota wanted to optimize its engineering processes. The inventory management system which super markets use, was very efficient because they efficiently decrease the amount of excess

Pair Programming

Pair programming is a strong tool kit in extreme programming’s tool box.  Two programmers works on same workstation one wearing a driver’s hat and the other one wearing an observer’s hat, exchange  their roles at frequent intervals of time that they agree upon, steer the program to its conclusion. The dual perspective on same problem

TDD misconceptions

Test first approach is a widely misunderstood concept in the industry. Did people understood agile and scrum well? If yes, then it’s not difficult to convince them that TDD is great for them. So do you see where the actual root of the problem lies. There is nothing wrong if I say Agile/Scrum misunderstood than

Usage of JIRA is not painful

JIRA is an Atlassian tool. JIRA was basically designed to be used as a bug tracking tool. But, with the advent of plugins built around JIRA tool, JIRA can be used as a Project Management Tool. I work for an Agile Solutions company called Leanpitch as an Atlassian tools expert. As part of my consulting

Why Agile Coaching

Who is an Agile?   Agile Coach is a nominalization word which is a combination of different skills and knowledge which is most often misunderstood. When Organizations hire Agile Coaches to help them achieve their vision, they hire a change agent to help them change and not just a framework expert who comes and implements