Change – What a Pain ?

CHANGE – What a Pain!!!     Is Change Easy? | Is Change difficult? All Change efforts have something in common – We need to act differently. Can you get people to start in a new way? The next thought comes to mind is “People resist change” but not always. It depends on the sheer

Why do we need Scrum?

What is Scrum? Scrum is a framework, which can be useful in complex domains. Scrum is just enough to have some order in place and give you space to be creative in solving the problems. It advocates time boxing approach called Sprints. Sprints are nothing but safe to fail experiments to uncover the problem to
Bringing change – Training your Subconscious Hope you have read the previous blog about “Its all in your brain“. If you haven’t, read it before you continue reading this. Are you expecting a movie scene about sitting on a chair on a quiet room, closing eyes, slowly travelling to get your subconscious mind and being

It’s all in your brain

It’s all in your brain   Yes, you have read the title right. Its all definitely in your brain. All the things you do, all the things you did and all the things you will do is based on what is in your brain. It is quite difficult to understand at first the reason behind


Kanban Origins Kanban is a popular Agile framework used by software development and support teams. Kanban originated almost three forth of a century, back in time. During late 1940s, Toyota wanted to optimize its engineering processes. The inventory management system which super markets use, was very efficient because they efficiently decrease the amount of excess

Pair Programming

Pair programming is a strong tool kit in extreme programming’s tool box.  Two programmers works on same workstation one wearing a driver’s hat and the other one wearing an observer’s hat, exchange  their roles at frequent intervals of time that they agree upon, steer the program to its conclusion. The dual perspective on same problem