Using NLP Meta Model to get right information as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach? Many a times, people say things without complete information. In any conversation, there is potential information loss. Why it happens? What is the reason behind it? How do I know that there is such thing happening? How can I get more information
On Aug-21, on Talk Agility with Vivek, the below questions were discussed. How to deal with Scope change in Sprint? Change is inevitable and scope changes can crawl in at any point of time. It may happen because of lot many reasons like change in market dynamics, change in the need of customers, wrong understanding

A well-crafted plan

A well-crafted plan How much ever you try and struggle, there won’t be an outcome called as a well-crafted plan. You can say you have one to satisfy your ego because there are no unicorns but deformed horses. There is only plan and you can watch it change right after you created them. If that

Change – What a Pain ?

CHANGE – What a Pain!!!     Is Change Easy? | Is Change difficult? All Change efforts have something in common – We need to act differently. Can you get people to start in a new way? The next thought comes to mind is “People resist change” but not always. It depends on the sheer

Why do we need Scrum?

What is Scrum? Scrum is a framework, which can be useful in complex domains. Scrum is just enough to have some order in place and give you space to be creative in solving the problems. It advocates time boxing approach called Sprints. Sprints are nothing but safe to fail experiments to uncover the problem to
Bringing change – Training your Subconscious Hope you have read the previous blog about “Its all in your brain“. If you haven’t, read it before you continue reading this. Are you expecting a movie scene about sitting on a chair on a quiet room, closing eyes, slowly travelling to get your subconscious mind and being