If we demo in between sprint, won’t Product Owner change his mind again? People usually forget the fact that Sprint Review is not for Product Owner but for the Stakeholders to review the work done by the Development team. Product Owner will get the demo of the product backlog items once it is done by
How do you measure the performance of a Scrum Master or an Agile Coach? This is one of the usual questions which people ask in the industry. This is because, people think that the Scrum Master or an Agile Coach doesn’t do anything solid that can be measured. Scrum Master or an Agile Coach usually
Can JIRA be used outside IT industry? Many people might be using JIRA back in their teams for managing the project related to IT. But people from other industries might have the questions like:” “Can we use JIRA for HR”, “Can we use JIRA for Pharmaceutical company”, “Can we use JIRA for Manufacturing company”, and
Using NLP Meta Model to get right information as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach? Many a times, people say things without complete information. In any conversation, there is potential information loss. Why it happens? What is the reason behind it? How do I know that there is such thing happening? How can I get more information
On Aug-21, on Talk Agility with Vivek, the below questions were discussed. How to deal with Scope change in Sprint? Change is inevitable and scope changes can crawl in at any point of time. It may happen because of lot many reasons like change in market dynamics, change in the need of customers, wrong understanding

A well-crafted plan

A well-crafted plan How much ever you try and struggle, there won’t be an outcome called as a well-crafted plan. You can say you have one to satisfy your ego because there are no unicorns but deformed horses. There is only plan and you can watch it change right after you created them. If that