How testing should be done within sprint to avoid spill overs? Majority of the times, Development teams unable to complete PBIs because of pending testing activities. If you move to Scrum and still follow traditional testing practices, it doesn’t add value but pull agility down. Chances are that there will be water falling inside the

Sprint Burn-down Vs Sprint Burn-up

Sprint Burn-down and Sprint Burn-up Sprint burn-down and Sprint burn-up charts are used by development teams to capture the progress on work with respect to the sprint goal. It helps team in understanding where they stand today and how much they have to achieve to meet the goal. One can use either sprint burn-down or
Contracts for Complex Products – Flexible Contracts Why do we need Contracts? Are they helpful? Which contracts are suitable for complex domain? Contracts are required to have better collaboration between customers and suppliers. On traditional contracts, focus is on activities carried out by supplier and delivery of features but focus should be on real value
If we demo in between sprint, won’t Product Owner change his mind again? People usually forget the fact that Sprint Review is not for Product Owner but for the Stakeholders to review the work done by the Development team. Product Owner will get the demo of the product backlog items once it is done by
How do you measure the performance of a Scrum Master or an Agile Coach? This is one of the usual questions which people ask in the industry. This is because, people think that the Scrum Master or an Agile Coach doesn’t do anything solid that can be measured. Scrum Master or an Agile Coach usually
Can JIRA be used outside IT industry? Many people might be using JIRA back in their teams for managing the project related to IT. But people from other industries might have the questions like:” “Can we use JIRA for HR”, “Can we use JIRA for Pharmaceutical company”, “Can we use JIRA for Manufacturing company”, and