Who is scrum Master

Who is Scrum Master?

There seems to be a new role on the block – ScrumMaster. Job openings, career opportunities for this role are increasing. How many times have you come across a job posting or an opportunity for a ScrumMaster? And how many times have you wondered Who Exactly is a ScrumMaster? What is this role? What are
Is empathy logical in Coaching? Before going on to understand empathy, we need to understand the logical and emotional part of the human brain. Read my previous blog to have a good understanding of the human brain.   What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of other/fellow human being. I have
How to Overcome Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety

What is Anxiety?  Anxiety is a feeling which is most worrying about what might happen when you are in any situation. It can be uneasiness, nervousness or unpleasantness related to the unexpected outcome that you may expect or totally unexpected. When the expectation towards unexpectedness is increasing, it creates loads of problem. Anxiety can yield
what is nlp

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), is a communication model used for personal development, coaching, and psychotherapy. NLP explains that there is a strong connection between the neurological process which is the brain activity (Neuro), our way of communication using language (Linguistic) and our behaviour based on our own experiences (Programming). If one understands these, they can
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  New year resolutions are common things in year end and beginning of the year. We all make personal resolutions for the betterment of our lives. Have you wondered what a Scrum Master’s new year resolutions will be and can be? As a Scrum Master, what resolutions can I make this year to be a

Non-Violent Communication – Basics

Non-Violent Communication  Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is a Communication framework which offers a space to collaborate most effectively. It’s a compassionate communication where you try to build connection and trust by offering safe space just like Scrum team runs a safe to fail experiments called Sprint. Before jumping into how to adopt NVC at the workplace